Taylor Williamson Joins Modern Treatise as Managing Editor

Taylor Williamson has been named Managing Editor for A. N. Publishing's upcoming online magazine Modern Treatise.  She brings with her a wealth of writing and editing experience in multiple sectors.  Williamson was previously the Society Editor for sister magazine Sommet Dame, writing about business, politics and culture.  She has also been part of the editorial staff at award-winning literary magazine Zaum Press, where she took part in piece selection and layout design.  Prior to that, she worked for fashion magazine Designer Original Magazine, where she selected and researched topics and submitted weekly articles.

In her newest role, Williamson will oversee Modern Treatise's day-to-day operations and coordinate content development.  Her substantial experience in the publishing world will help the magazine cultivate success, leadership, and sophistication among its audience of millennials of color.

Make sure to check out Modern Treatise when it launches this summer, and find out more about its content through the Media Kit.