Modern Treatise Speaks to the Millennial Generation of Color

Millennials are a popular topic of discussion in American media, but it's much less common to see media outlets willing to specifically cater to them.  Millennials of color are further underrepresented because of their race.  This is unfortunate given the fact that these two demographics will only increase in influence and spending power in the future. It's about time they had a New Yorker, Town & Country, or Vanity Fair specifically for them.

Modern Treatise is an online lifestyle magazine that cultivates success, leadership, and sophistication among the emerging generation of professional millennials of color.  As a division of A. N. Publishing, the site is targeted to launch later this year.

Through a wide variety of content ranging from culture, entertainment, career, economics, and entrepreneurship, Modern Treatise speaks to millennials of color.  They are refreshingly given a media platform that addresses their needs and desires, and fosters an attitude of understanding rather than neglect.

Make sure to visit Modern Treatise and find out more about its content through the Media Kit.