Getting to Know the Man of the Hour In Detail

Now that Man of the Hour is officially back up and running, it's time to let its audience of professional millennial men know what to expect in detail throughout the week from its new and improved site.  If you've visited lately, you have already seen some of the weekly and biweekly content, and there remain other columns that haven't debuted yet, but soon will.

Arena provides an overview of a significant event in sports every Monday.  Expect not just a mere recap of a game or match, but also insightful commentary on the athletes and teams followed closely by young men.

Each year, two short films receive Oscars with little to no fanfare compared to the more prolific awards.  Many moviegoers don't watch short films or know of their creators at all.  Man of the Hour seeks to rectify this by recommending a live action or animated short film every two Mondays in its Short Film Spotlight.

While their parents may be more familiar with Wall Street, today's millennial men are more commonly involved or look for inspiration out west when it comes to picking stocks and establishing careers.  Market Watch, making its debut on Monday, June 27th, will offer a biweekly look at the global tech industry and the latest news in Silicon Valley. 

Politically Sound, returning on Wednesday, June 29th, will feature commentary on the important domestic or international issue of the day.  Discussion will be from progressive, conservative, libertarian, and independent perspectives, so that millennial men from all over the political spectrum will have an interest in reading what Man of the Hour has to say.

Every Thursday, Man of the Hour lets its audience know what's going on in the music world through Headphones.  This column features an album of the week, and recommended music videos from a wide variety of genres, mainstream and underground.  Learn of notable accomplishments by your favorite artists and get introduced to new ones.

On Fridays, The Buzz covers the latest in film and television, occasionally taking a trip back in time to remember a classic and offering a glimpse of a future release.  The old, the new, and the upcoming in the weekly spotlight are often connected by a common theme or genre.  The Buzz reviews the current movies and shows that millennial men everywhere are talking about, as well as those that are known to just a select few.

Not sure what to wear for the upcoming season, or just want to change things up?  Keep Fridays in mind to visit Man on the Move.  You'll be introduced to a particular runway look that exemplifies the sophisticated style, with a mix of contemporary and classic, of today's professional gentlemen.  This fashion column also provides a guide on recreating the weekly theme through recommendations encompassing all layers of the outfit, from the top and bottom, to the shoes and accessories.

Make sure to check out Man of the Hour, as gradually more and more content gets rolled out this month.  Read about its general vision through the Media Kit, and don't hesitate to contact the magazine about collaborating through interviews, product profiles, and more.