Man of the Hour is Back

Today, Man of the Hour's redesign is finished.  Its audience of professional millennial men can get right back to getting the content they desire.  And for those who are new to the online men's magazine, the timing couldn't be better to get acquainted.  A new and improved platform features better streaming and hosting capabilities of video and audio content.  Media formats can now be combined in ways that weren't seen before on the old site.  The look has been made fresher and more contemporary.  Man of the Hour's aesthetics are enhanced, and most importantly, so is its content, consisting of a wide variety of topics in culture, entertainment, lifestyle, pursuit, and style.  There will be a gradual rollout of content starting today and throughout the month of June.

Man of the Hour's culture section covers political news and commentary from all across the spectrum, whether it's progressive, conservative, or libertarian.  The goal is not to push any particular agendas, but to create awareness of the issues from a variety of viewpoints.  There will be business, financial, and career advice for millennial men who are in the midst of making a successful living, as well as those who haven't made up their minds on which path to take yet.  Young men wishing to become contemporary gentlemen will find appropriate content on etiquette and relationships.

Man of the Hour will regularly feature episodes of three online news shows:  Boom Bust, Keiser Report, and The Rubin Report.  They offer economic and political news and commentary, as well as interviews with authors, activists, journalists, economists, and entrepreneurs.

The entertainment section will contain news and reviews of films and TV shows.  Man of the Hour's audience will learn about their favorite music artists from a variety of genres, along with their songs, albums, and music videos.  In today's digital age, web series and streaming music should not be ignored.  There remain plenty of millennial men who read books, and they will be accommodated through a diverse selection of literature content.

Foodies and fitness freaks have to look no further than Man of the Hour's lifestyle section.  Man of the Hour's readers can learn about different cuisines and will be given recipes for specific dishes and cocktails they can make on their own.  They'll also be informed of how to maintain healthy habits, and helped in determining which diets and workout routines are the best for them.  Millennial men who have settled down and become homeowners will find the proper guides on home furnishing and home electronics.

Sports junkies will get the chance to read up on some of their favorite athletes and teams in Man of the Hour's pursuit section, which will feature sports news and commentary.  Car enthusiasts will find articles on news and trends in the automobile industry.  Those with a travel itch can learn all about the latest popular domestic and international destinations, from recommended hotels and restaurants to museums and nightclubs.  Given how important technology is to millennial lives, Man of the Hour will make sure to provide insight and industry news on phones, apps, and other gadgets.  The "Femme" column will feature profiles of women who are to be admired for their beauty as well as various accomplishments in their professional lives.

Millennial men will get all the necessary advice on clothing, accessories, and grooming in Man of the Hour.  The style section covers the latest in fashion trends, from casual to luxury, and affordable to higher end.  It will feature interviews with influential figures in the menswear industry.  Young men are paying more attention to their hygiene now, and men's fragrances and skincare products will be featured accordingly.  Expect Man of the Hour to be a go-to source of learning about fashion do's and don'ts.

After a short hiatus, Man of the Hour is officially back and better than ever.  Through informative content and insightful commentary, it is once again ready to cultivate success, leadership, and sophistication among the emerging generation of professional millennial men.  Make sure to check out Man of the Hour, and find out more about its content through the Media Kit.  Don't hesitate to contact the magazine about collaborating through interviews, product profiles, and more.