Modern Treatise Reaches Out to Millennials of Color

Millennial people of color (POC) are often undervalued and neglected in media due to their age and race.  That's unfortunate given that millennials have become the country's biggest generation and the percentage of Hispanic, Asian, and African Americans is collectively rising steadily.  In fact, Pew Research predicts that within 50 years, no single ethnicity will make up a majority of the American population.  Instead of simply paying lip service to a lack of media representation for people of color, the upcoming online magazine Modern Treatise will be proactive and take a glass-full approach.

To differentiate from the various media properties on the market, Modern Treatise is uniquely targeting a subset of people of color - young, educated and relatively affluent - that is primed for achieving their full potential in life.  It will do so by highlighting successful people of color, many of whom are millennials themselves, in areas of entrepreneurship, activism, academics, politics, entertainment, and other various endeavors.  These accomplishments often reflect turning struggle into success or shattering longstanding stereotypes, and sometimes both.  In addition to content about influential people of interest, Modern Treatise will feature financial and career advice, sometimes presented in relevant context to diverse POC experiences.

Modern Treatise will also call attention to social and political issues - domestic and international - that affect people of color disproportionately.  Some current affairs discussions will be specific to a single community, while others will encompass a combination of ethnic groups.  Many of these issues are complex problems and Modern Treatise will offer its audience diverse, complex solutions in response.

Through a wide variety of content in culture, economy, business, and entertainment, Modern Treatise informs and inspires professional millennials of color, speaking to them in a way few media outlets have in the past or currently do.  It celebrates their peers' achievements, comprehensively examines issues that affect them, and demonstrates understanding rather than neglect.

Make sure to check out Modern Treatise when it launches in mid-summer, and find out more about its content through the Media Kit.