Man of the Hour Brings You High Quality Financial and Political Programming

Man of the Hour regularly features episodes of three online shows: Boom Bust, The Keiser Report, and The Rubin Report.  This programming is part of the magazine's commitment to providing its audience of professional millennial men valuable insight and commentary about economics, finance, and politics.  Here's a rundown of how each show accomplishes that.

Boom Bust airs five days a week and covers financial and political news around the world.  Host Ameera David presents news stories and holds discussions with regular correspondents Edward Harrison and Bianca Facchinei.  She also interviews authors, activists, journalists, economists, and entrepreneurs who serve as guests.  Young men without economics or political backgrounds may find the topics intimidating at first mention, but Boom Bust features detailed discussion of the issues that's also able to be understood by a broad audience.  This combination of accessibility and informative coverage is a big part of the show's appeal.  Aside from its intellectual content, Boom Bust features high quality production values and catchy theme music, but that's not to say it relies on these less important elements as gimmicks; they're simply bonuses.

The Keiser Report covers the global economy, with a heavy focus on scandal and corruption in the financial sector.  It airs three times a week and is hosted by the husband and wife duo of Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert.  Together, they talk about a certain financial theme and a series of corresponding headlines.  For each episode, guests are brought on for further discussion of the topic; similar to Boom Bust, they come from a wide variety of professions and backgrounds.  The Keiser Report features insights and perspectives that are not as commonly seen in mainstream media, such as those concerning central banks and alternative currencies.  Mr. Keiser is a particularly lively and animated host who displays confidence, passion, and authenticity while speaking, and definitely isn't unwilling to be politically incorrect.  He and Mrs. Herbert play off each other well, which is perhaps unsurprising given that they're married.

The Rubin Report airs weekly and is hosted by Dave Rubin.  A self described classic liberal, he prefers a movement away from the extremes found in the "regressive" left and right.  Compared to the other two shows, The Rubin Report focuses more on political and social issues over finance, and strictly consists of a one-on-one interview format aside from initial brief commentary by Mr. Rubin.  He brings on a diverse selection of guests from all over the political spectrum to talk about religion, immigration, activism, the war on drugs, inequality, and other hot-button topics in American society.  Rather than contentious debates full of interruptions and insults, Mr. Rubin stresses open and respectful discussions between him and his guests, regardless of their ideological differences.  As a result, viewers are encouraged to make their own interpretations.

These regularly featured shows collectively discuss financial, political, and social topics that resonate with Man of the Hour's audience: millennial statistics and trends, the economy, job market, and student debt, among others.  They inform millennial men about many issues they care about in engaging formats.

Make sure to check out Man of the Hour, as gradually more and more content gets rolled out this month.  Read about its general vision through its Media Kit, and don't hesitate to contact the magazine about collaborating through interviews, product profiles, and more.  If you believe your video content brings something similar to the table as Boom Bust, The Keiser Report, or The Rubin Report, reach out.