Modern Treatise Brings You Programming Featuring Perspectives from People of Color

Modern Treatise regularly features episodes of three shows: The Grapevine, American Latino, and ISAtv.  This programming is part of the magazine's commitment to providing different ethnic perspectives to millennials.  These shows showcase corresponding content of interest to young African Americans, Latino Americans, and Asian Americans.  Together, they celebrate people of color, highlighting their accomplishments and discussing issues of specific relevance to their backgrounds.  Here's a rundown of each.

The Grapevine is hosted by creator and executive producer Ashley Akunna.  During each episode, Ms. Akunna is joined by a semi-regular group of roughly ten other commentators.  They talk about a certain cultural or social topic that resonates within the black community, from their thoughts on police brutality protests to Beyonce's activism in her latest album.  The group discussion features in-depth and intelligent viewpoints between individuals who are clearly comfortable with each other.  It is also very open and free-flowing and at the same time features mutual respect for differing opinions.  Given the large number of participants, viewers get the benefit of hearing from a multitude of sides on each given topic from a variety of personalities.

Hosted by Valery Ortiz, American Latino is a nationally syndicated show that's currently in its 13th season; Modern Treatise will regularly feature episode clips.  The show consists of profiles and interviews of influential Latino American figures.  The Latinos of interest include entrepreneurs, activists, community organizers, journalists, athletes, and entertainers.  Viewers get to see familiar celebrity faces, such as George Lopez and Christina Milian, but also unsung heroes in the community who are making a positive impact on American society.

Created by filmmaking company Wong Fu Productions and hip hop / EDM group Far East Movement, ISAtv celebrates Asian American culture through a diverse media platform that started out as a concert series.  The much expanded content includes scripted and reality-based skits, interviews, charity events, and music and food videos.  There are also discussions about issues of interest to Asian Americans, such as interracial dating and stereotypes.  ISAtv generates a strong sense of kinship among its content creators and fanbase.

American media outlets rarely reach out to millennials of color.  These three shows offer a gateway for them to refreshingly see their communities and fellow African Americans, Latino Americans, and Asian Americans in the spotlight.  They aren't merely making token appearances; they - their thoughts, concerns, interests, and examples of success - are the focus.

Make sure to check out Modern Treatise as gradually more and more content gets rolled out this month.  Read about its vision through its Media Kit, and don't hesitate to contact the magazine about collaborating through interviews, product profiles, and more.  If you believe your video content brings something similar to the table as The Grapevine, American Latino, or ISAtv, reach out.