Man of the Hour Has its Fingers on The Pulse of the Moment

It's been an eventful summer for Man of the Hour, featuring a successful relaunch with an improved site and platform.  Most importantly, it was the return of content cultivating success, leadership, and sophistication among professional millennial men.  The magazine's audience was once again informed of relevant brands and trends in culture, entertainment, fashion, and technology.  As summer leads to fall, you can count on Man of the Hour to keep up with the seasonal changes in these categories.

The upcoming US elections have been a hot topic throughout the year and it will only intensify as November draws increasingly closer.  Among other reasons, this election year has been notable for its increased spotlight on third party candidates, and not just the ones running for President.  Expect more coverage on these emerging political perspectives as the time to cast ballots approaches.

As the seasons change, so do patterns in entertainment.  Many artists release albums near the end of the year to ride the holiday sales wave.  Movie studios switch focus from blockbusters to more diverse releases that will make up the majority of awards nomination lists.  Reruns and reality shows will give way for most broadcast, cable, and streaming TV shows to start making their series and season premieres.  The baseball regular season is coming to an end, but that means the playoffs are soon to start, as are the football, basketball, and hockey seasons.

Fall and its lower temperatures marks a time when consumers start to wear different (and more) clothes.  New styles, collections, ad campaigns, and runway shows will debut in the fashion industry.  The holiday shopping season coincides with the highest amounts of consumer spending, and therefore an influx of new product lines and updates, particularly in tech.  Man of the Hour will be a valuable source of information on the latest phones, apps, and gadgets.

Shifting seasonal consumer and industry trends in the next few months represent great opportunities for people, brands, and products to get featured in Man of the Hour.  Read about its general vision through its Media Kit, and don't hesitate to contact the magazine about collaborating through interviews, product profiles, and more.