Don't Miss Out On What Modern Treatise Is Offering

Since its debut last month, Modern Treatise has been steadily producing informative, diverting content for professional millennials of color.  They have read about various political issues, current events, and personal profiles, all presented in the context of African American, Hispanic American, and Asian American millennial perspectives.  In case you haven't been acquainted with the online magazine yet, here's an overview of what makes it stand out.

People of color (POC) are marginalized and underrepresented in several entertainment mediums, their levels of consumption outpacing their levels of direct participation in the movie, television, and digital media industries.  Modern Treatise covers actors, writers, and directors of color, as well as the showrunners and executives who are at the top.  It's about inspiring audiences by showing someone of their ethnic background involved in the creative process and controlling the money.

Models of color have been underrepresented in runway shows and ad campaigns.  When they do get opportunities, they are commonly grouped together as if to fill reluctant quotas.  Other times, they are pressured to conform to certain beauty standards to make the cut, through skin bleaching and hair straightening.  Modern Treatise regularly highlights models - the up and comers and the prolific - who are bucking these trends and overcoming obstacles to achieve success.  Another major point of focus is on fashion designers and entrepreneurs of color who are on challenging journeys to calling their own shots.  By featuring the business side of style, young people of color are made aware of multiple facets of the industry from their unique perspectives.

Given the rapidly changing demographics of America, Modern Treatise is offering analysis of economic trends related to African Americans, Hispanic Americans, and Asian Americans.  It's useful for people of color to know more about themselves as consumer groups and for businesses to know better ways of reaching out to them.  Entrepreneurs of color are consistently featured on Modern Treatise, giving millennials of color valuable advice and inspiration in POC contexts.

If you aren't already, make sure to check out Modern Treatise and its steady rollout of content.  Read about its vision through the Media Kit, and don't hesitate to contact the magazine about collaborating through interviews, product profiles, and more.