Modern Treatise Welcomes Your Words

Since the premiere of Modern Treatise in July, it's producing a steady stream of content for educated professional millennials of color.  Readers have taken note of some of the online magazine's regular areas of focus, namely in culture, economics, and politics.  Now is the appropriate time to add your intelligent voice to the ongoing discussions as a guest columnist.

Modern Treatise welcomes diverse perspectives on a wide variety of subjects that will cultivate success among young people of color.  Consider it an important part of its literary identity, and also something from which you can greatly benefit.  Individual articles can certainly take a stance, but overall there is no overt political/ideological direction.  Modern Treatise seeks to present solutions for African Americans, Hispanic Americans, and Asian Americans.  Not idealistic platitudes, but actual plans by exploring solutions to overcoming obstacles.  The emphasis is on people of color, through ingenuity and entrepreneurship.  As well as holding the reigns of our social and economic futures.

As a guest columnist, we are open to presenting a different perspectives as it relates to our targeted demographic educated professional millennials of color.  So, you can maintain your focus on making strong, logical well-researched points rather than possibly offending people.  This could be a one-time occasion, or your thoughts could be appreciated on a regular basis.

Thus, to learn more about Modern Treatise, view our Media Kit.  To submit your column query, view our submission guidelines.