A. N. Publishing Speaks to the Millennial Generation

It's been an exciting summer for A. N. Publishing.  The platform of its current and upcoming digital media brands has undergone a major redesign, featuring a fresher, more contemporary aesthetic, and improved hosting of video and audio content.  These enhancements all serve to better speak to the educated, professional millennial generation, a group of people not commonly catered to in today's media.  A. N. Publishing does this through Man of the Hour, a men's lifestyle magazine; Modern Treatise, a cultural lifestyle magazine for people of color; and Sommet Dame, a women's lifestyle magazine.

Man of the Hour reaches out to the generation of millennial men, appealing to their interests in culture, entertainment, politics, career, style, and more.  A combination of insightful commentary and balanced editorials explores multiple viewpoints.  Containing an appropriate mix of the traditional and new, the template is laid out for the successful, modern man.

Modern Treatise provides content for educated, millennial people of color.  As young African Americans, Hispanic Americans, and Asian Americans increasingly become a larger part of the American demographic, it acknowledges the importance of addressing their interests and aspirations.  This is accomplished by covering issues from the specific perspectives of various communities of color that are often neglected by the media.  These include highlighting shining individual examples in entrepreneurship, activism, and politics.

Sommet Dame, which is set to relaunch in 2017, will continue to focus on lifestyle, success, and leadership for millennial women.  It encourages young, educated female professionals to achieve economic independence through their own initiatives.  The magazine will continue to feature a wide variety of content, from beauty and fashion, to politics and economics, to health and relationships.

To learn more about our digital media properties, view the brand-specific media kits.  Don't hesitate to contact A. N. Publishing about collaborating through interviews, product profiles, and more.

Harrison Wong