A. N. Publishing Looks at Business and Economics through the Millennial Eye

A. N. Publishing features written and video content that's tailor-made for the millennial generation, through its digital media brands Man of the Hour, Modern Treatise, and Sommet Dame.  Our target demographic of readers consists of rounded, educated professionals who are seeking long-term professional and economic security.  A. N. Publishing doesn't lose sight of that fact in developing and curating content for its audiences.

To start, millennial men exist in a world, where unlike for previous generations, the digital age has led to an array of new and unique economic opportunities.  The notion of finding a job after college and staying there for decades is no longer the rule.  The Silicon Valley has surpassed Wall Street as a premier destination for ambitious millennial men.  With their elements of risk taking and ingenuity, startups, particularly in the tech industry, have become more appealing than the old corporate structure.  Man of the Hour's business and economic content contain the right advice, information, and insight to help millennial men turn these aspirations into reality.  Among its regularly featured online shows, "Boom Bust" and "The Keiser Report" provide comprehensive reporting on the latest hot-button topics in economics and the startup culture.

When it comes to millennials of color, the most recent US Census Survey of Business Owners found that minority-owned businesses completely drove the overall increase of businesses from 2007 to 2012.  Millennials of color have an abundance of entrepreneurial ambitions that are making progress in getting realized.  Modern Treatise covers an array of economic topics tailored to the needs of African Americans, Asian Americans and Hispanic Americans.  It inspires its audience through entrepreneur profiles and interviews.  It features a wide array of economic content with a focus on helping people of color achieve both financial and entrepreneurial success.  This includes linking historical cultural economic principles to contemporary times.

For women, and returning in 2017, Sommet Dame will once again speak to educated millennial women who are on the path to entrepreneurial and corporate leadership.  It will have a special focus on women who want to be self-made moguls.  This approach will entail profiling and interviewing women who are among the movers and shakers in various industries, along with commentary on improving the professional outlook of Sommet Dame's audience.  The goal, above all else, will be on encouraging leadership.

Business and economics are important topics for people of all ages, but they have certain nuances for millennials.  A. N. Publishing is attuned to these generational developments, and this plays an important part in its broad focus on achieving overall success.  To learn more about our digital media properties, view the brand-specific media kits.  Don't hesitate to contact us to collaborate on targeted startup and entrepreneurial content.