Make Sure to Know What You're Voting for, Not Just Who

The President of the United States makes $400,000 a year.  That's certainly an impressive sum for the average citizen, but perhaps not so much when considering the sheer stress, responsibility, and impact that the job entails.  Every single one of the President's actions and words is heavily scrutinized; A-list celebrities enjoy anonymity in comparison.  Presidents are on the shortest of leashes when it comes to public opinion, conditions of the country always intertwined with assessments of their job performance.  However, what exactly is the President's job?  Do people know, and is their praise and criticism coming from the right places?

These are important questions to consider as an extremely contentious election nears.  Man of the Hour's recent guest column, "Wanted: President of the United States," written by Hayden Padgett, attempts to offer some answers.  It's especially relevant if you're among the American electorate that fits Mr. Padgett's assertion:

Most voters have a vague notion that the President is the leader of the United States, and that he or she makes the country better by changing policy.  In other words, most voters hire their President (for we indeed hire our President) without understanding the job description of that office.

Mr. Padgett outlines two crucial areas the President is responsible for - security and liberty - and goes from there.

No matter which candidate you're voting for, whether it's Hillary Clinton, Gary Johnson, Jill Stein, Donald Trump, or someone else, it would serve you well to become fully aware of the nature of the Presidency.  Employers don't hire employees without fully understanding the duties and details of the position, and neither should you on November 8th.