Modern Treatise's Annual Network TV Fall Diversity Report

African Americans, Hispanic Americans, and Asian Americans make up a larger part of the American population than ever before, and won't be slowing down in the foreseeable future.  The US Census estimates that in 2015, 38.4% of Americans were people of color.  The country's demographics are undeniably changing, but it's less clear if its entertainment industries have begun following suit.  They have long been criticized for lacking diversity.  An extensive UCLA study of the 2012-2013 television season found that people of color continued to be underrepresented across multiple industry positions.  Just earlier this year, #OscarsSoWhite trended on social media.  Last month, a major TV network President admitted, "We need to do better, and we know it."

Modern Treatise is doing its own research in its annual network TV fall diversity report, written by Logan Krum.  Mr. Krum examined the 2016 fall lineups of NBC, ABC, CBS, FOX, and CW, assigning each major network a grade.  Diversity was assessed through looking at the percentage of actors of color among the lead roles and overall casts of each show.  Given the fact that people of color are approaching 40% of Americans, it would be reasonable to expect networks to "strive to feature around that percentage of people of color in their casts."  Find out which network is "proving its commitment to telling diverse stories on screen" and which one emerged as a "clear loser."  Ultimately, actual casting speaks louder than lip service to the media, and Modern Treatise is on hand to give you that information, and more.