Spreading the Word about a Short Film or Web Series? Try Man of the Hour

While most people are familiar with movies and TV shows, short films and web series occupy their own underappreciated, comparatively obscure categories.  Major awards recognizing their excellence do exist, but they are relegated to the briefest of mentions in Oscars and Emmys recaps, if they're acknowledged at all.  However, as artistic media become increasingly accessible in today's digital age, there's hope that they can lose their niche status in the future.  Man of the Hour is doing its part by regularly featuring short films and web series that appeal to professional, educated millennial men.

Our diverse media selections include scripted (live action/animated) and documentaries.  The scripted genres, popular among 25-to-35 year old educated millennial men, range from drama and comedy to horror and science fiction.  The documentaries cover a host of domestic and globalized topics that are both endemic and non-endemic to our audience.

Man of the Hour's digital media platform provides an opportunity for up and coming filmmakers to showcase their works.  Thus, our audience can view acclaimed short films such as "Untouchable" and "Lights Out" (later adapted to the extremely profitable, major studio film of the same name), the highly stylized web series "2016: Year Friends," and the gritty documentary "Fentanyl: The Drug Deadlier than Heroin."

Find out more about Man of the Hour through its Media Kit, and don't hesitate to contact us about having your short film or web series highlighted on our site.  It's an opportunity for deserved recognition among an audience of millennial men that's always hungry for more digital content.