A. N. Publishing Brings Back the Good Old Days of Looking at Politics

A. N. Publishing's political coverage stands out by being devoid of the sensationalism and agendas that plague today's mass media landscape.  It provides informative, balanced perspectives with the goal of generating discussion instead of feeding answers.  The digital media platform covers politics the way media used to; it does so through its three brands in Man of the Hour, Modern Treatise, and Sommet Dame.  Each speaks to a different core millennial group and treats its audience as educated and intelligent young professionals, not sheep.

Man of the Hour addresses political issues of interest to 25-to-35 year old men, some of which are endemic to their experiences.  It covers political topics, as well as political figures who are overlooked by other media outlets, from a diverse set of ideologies through our written political content. Readers can regularly watch episodes of "The Rubin Report," an online show that features a comprehensive one-on-one discussion between host Dave Rubin and guests from all over the political spectrum.

In catering to the interests and aspirations of millennial African Americans, Hispanic Americans, and Asian Americans, Modern Treatise features politics within a people of color context.  We cover complex topics of specific relevance to our readers, with a solutions oriented mindset. This is demonstrated through our diverse written and video content.  Modern Treatise takes a proactive approach that goes beyond platitudes and merely stating what's wrong.  It also highlights examples of success, presenting interviews and profiles of up and coming politicians of color, from diverse political and ideological backgrounds.

Set to relaunch in 2017, Sommet Dame will continue to focus on cultivating success and leadership among millennial women. Expect the digital media platform to inform and challenge its readers on an array of topics that represent the diversity of the female political perspectives and showcase examples of excellence among female political insiders.

A. N. Publishing brings back an old fashioned way of looking at politics in contemporary times. We are committed to presenting the diversity of political thought.  To learn more about our digital media properties, view the brand-specific media kits.  Don't hesitate to contact A. N. Publishing to collaborate targeted political content.