A Record Year For A. N. Publishing

2017 Press Relase Image 1.jpg

2017 will see A. N. Publishing rebrand and develop its digital platforms, honing in and creating brand identities, focusing its content around core lifestyle subjects and establishing it as a go to resource for millennials.

In 2016, the online magazine targeting professional millennial men, Man of the Hour, was relaunched on our new digital media platform. This year, it will be re-branded to solely focus on culture, entertainment, fashion and lifestyle related content.

Its sister platform, Sommet Dame, will also relaunch. The site will be rebranded to focus solely on beauty, culture, entertainment, fashion and lifestyle targeting professional millennial women.

Modern Treatise was launched in July as an online millennial cultural lifestyle magazine for the POC community. In the year, ahead, Modern Treatise will be rebranded to solely cover focus on business, finance, politics and society related content for our diverse millennial readership.

Modern Treatise will expand our business coverage to in-depth entrepreneur how-to's and profiles, as well as relevant market and financial analysis.

Modern Treatise We will also delve deeper into the conservative, libertarian and progressive political viewpoints on a variety of subject matters from their philosophical underpinnings and their applications to contemporary times.

These changes, across our digital media platforms will better reflect the interests of our readership and allow them to shift between the digital media sites for the content that is relevant for them.

A. N. Publishing's its digital media platforms will continue to be a the go to source for well-researched content, to engage our sophisticated millennial audience.  To learn more about our digital media properties, view the brand-specific media kits.  Don't hesitate to contact us to collaborate on targeted startup and entrepreneurial content.