Bailey Thiel Named New Editor-in-Chief of Man of the Hour


Bailey Thiel joins A. N. Publishing as the new editor-in-chief of Man of the Hour. The following is a statement from Thiel laying out what he will accomplish while in this senior role.

As I start my tenure as the editor for Man of the Hour, I have a vision for the future. It is not small, and by no means easy. Collaboration with new labels, and inspiring a new generation of men to take up the mantle of what it means to be a gentleman are the objectives for my time here. The vision denies failure, and focuses only on the success of Man of the Hour.
I’m thrilled with what the future holds because I know exactly where I want this magazine to go. I want this magazine to raise its current standing on all fronts. More writers, expanded readership, more exciting and deep content, and working with some of the most known (and perhaps unknown) brands in the industry. Exploring the cutting edge in both fashion and the ever-changing world around us. I want Man of the Hour to succeed like it never has. Following in the footsteps of the humble beginnings of other great men’s magazines, Man of the Hour will make its mark and find its spot in the world. It will not become a footnote in history, but rather stand tall next to the titans of this industry. This is where Man of the Hour differs from our competitors. 
With Man of the Hour, I and the rest of the team have the skills and the tools available to bring this vision into reality. This is not a pipedream of unknown variables. This is instead a team that will work together to bring forward a voice for the modern millennial gentleman. Over the next year I expect great things to come out of this magazine and its writers, because when I see Man of the Hour’s future in my mind it is something that has nothing but greatness written all over it.
Bailey Thiel,