New Editor Expanding Content To Our Readers


Former editor-in-chief of Man of the Hour Michael Ortiz takes over as the reins as the editor of Modern Treatise from Ian Barbour. Here is a letter from the editor reinforcing the values and vision of the premiere digital millennial society magazine:

Modern Treatise is the premiere digital media platform for the emerging millennial, using expert analysis of politics, economics, business and culture to prepare and guide the generation of the future.
The college educated, upwardly mobile millennial professional is at the center of all our content. They shape the path of our analysis from headline to kicker, inspiring a spirited intellectualism in the presentation of various complex ideas.
Millennials demand avenues for open debate about serious political topics. Modern Treatise aims to spark a dialogue with each piece; Our politics content ensures solid partisan arguments are made with a balance of unbiased investigation.
Our audience enjoys a globalized perspective of economics, understanding the significance of global economics to any domestic policy. From the United States and Europe to North Africa and Asia, our economics content spans a range of both location and philosophy.
Our business content is shaped by our audience’s aspirational need for constant updates on the future their money. Understanding what start-ups to invest in, how businesses fair in tough times and how a market adjusts to a new national administration or policy is key to preparing for a go-getter’s future.
Modern Treatise cultivates the future business leaders of the world through quality analysis curated in written and visual content. My job is to maintain a consistent tone of intellectualism throughout to ensure our audience gains wisdom with confidence. 
Michael Ortiz,