Founders of Turn Content into Currency

Creators of digital startup Max Brody and Cameron Hejazi are incentivizing online communities via cryptocurrency.

Next level innovation for content-creators takes the form of digital startup Launched by young entrepreneurs Max Brody and Cameron Hejazi, Brody explained as a “stock market for creative people.”

Modern Treatise sat down with Brody and Hejazi in an exclusive interview to learn the ins and outs of’s evolution and future goals. The interview contains an all-inclusive exposé of the minds behind and how it operates.

According to its founders, the startup is a digital platform for online communities to exchange ideas and content while also rewarding cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple (XRP) to contributors or buffers to these digitized outlets.

“It provides the most honest and efficient incentive structure to create value for these communities in ways that don’t involve investing your personal money or coding or doing something that’s more infrastructural for them (advertisers)” Brody told Modern Treatise. “In a certain way, it’s almost like crowdsourcing the P.R. for these projects out to anyone.”

The exclusive interview reveals’s future developments and plans for expansion. If interested in learning more about how interweaves cryptocurrency markets and digitized communities, check out Brody’s and Hejazi’s joint interview directly on Modern Treatise.