theCut- Revolutionizing the Barbershop Industry One Haircut at a Time

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Haircare and style no longer need to be pushed to the wayside with theCut. Co-founded by software developer and businessman Obi Omile and engineer Kush Patel, theCut creates a virtual marketplace where barbers and hairstylists can practice their trade and consumers can conveniently find and schedule appointments.

In an exclusive interview with CEO Omile, Modern Treatise offers an inside look at the evolution of this game-changing app and Omile’s plans for future expansion into the global market. Unlike its competitors, theCut acknowledges a changing demographic and caters to their needs, including offering both digital and cash payment options for a millennial and old school client base.

According to Omile, the startup began when he and Patel recognized flagrant issues in the business, from long wait times to difficulty locating a barber and scheduling conflicts. theCut addresses these issues and makes for a convenient transaction between barbers and customers. “For clients––think of it (theCut) like an Uber experience and then for the barbers it’s more of like an OpenTable doc where they’re able to manage their business and schedule and also the different relationships they have with their clients,” explained Omile.

Currently, theCut’s user base is over 11,000, reaching a near-global network. “We actually have barbers today in Canada, Puerto Rico, Japan, and a few other countries,” reveals Omile. With a recent influx of $100,000 in investments from over 400 investors, theCut hopes to establish themselves in the U.K. and Australia as well.

Within just a short time since its initial launch, theCut has styled itself into an innovative and mobile platform able to connect thousands of barbers and clients around the country, jump-starting the industry to serve a new millennium of consumers. To read more about how theCut modernizes the barbershop experience, check out Omile’s exclusive interview directly on Modern Treatise.