Mike Reyes - a New Hire with a Modern Outlook

Taking the reins of editorship from Modern Treatise’s current Editor-in-Chief Michael Ortiz is reporter and writer Mike Reyes. By this May, Reyes will have full control over Modern Treatise’s content and writers.

As the head editor of Brigham Young University-Idaho’s Scroll Newspaper, Reyes has a plethora of relevant experience. During his time at the Scroll, Reyes managed a team of 20 editors and over 40 reporters while also editing daily online articles and weekly newspaper issues. As lead editor, Reyes ensured the style and quality of every publication was up to par with the standards of the paper. Reyes also ran editorial meetings and training sessions for new staff members and covered all breaking news circulating within the BYU and Rexburg community.

As an intern and reporter for local organization Rexburg for Refugees, Reyes promoted and marketed fundraisers and events sponsored by the non-profit via social media campaigns. Additionally, Reyes worked as a reporter alongside the International Rescue Committees in Boise and Salt Lake City, writing several articles per week that focused on local, national, and global refugee-related topics and issues.

Reyes also served as the ghostwriter for the creative director of VERTEX Photography Jeff Thomas. While there, Reyes composed a literary portfolio of behind-the-scenes and background articles of every photoshoot and video produced by the company to showcase VERTEX’s creative process to potential clients. 

Keeping consistent with Modern Treatise’s form and subject matter, Reyes will continue to seek and produce media that aligns with the magazine’s overall marketing objectives and target demographic.