Man of the Hour Engages with a Diverse Portfolio of Media

As a digital media marketing platform for upwardly mobile millennials, Man of the Hour strives to keep its readers well-informed on multimedia topics pertaining strictly to television, film, short films, and web series in an effort to cater to its growing demographic and viewership.

According to Nielsen Media’s statistic reports, 66 percent of millennials intake entertainment on a traditional television while 23% view shows via a TV-connected device while the remaining 11% use multimedia devices, such as smartphones and laptops. The average millennial-aged viewer (18-35) will spend nearly 20 hours per week watching television. Man of the Hour recognizes that 95% of millennials access televised shows through streaming services such as Netflix and Hulu. The digital media platform tailors its content to its readers’ interests by producing weekly op-eds and reviews on popular television shows via its signature entertainment column, “The Buzz”. Relaying critical and concise analyses of up-and-coming television shows, Man of the Hour’s “The Buzz” creates a quick profile of televised content across all genres.

Movies remain a major avenue of entertainment for millennials. 65% of Man of the Hour’s readers still regularly attend the theater, 78% of which prefer purchasing their tickets in advance. Man of the Hour covers film on a regular basis via its “Cinema” column. “Cinema” features in-depth reviews and profiles on the season’s most recent releases. From Wes Anderson indie films to Marvel Studios action flicks, Man of the Hour has got its readers covered.

97% of millennials own a smartphone and nearly two thirds of that percentage also carry a tablet, for a combined 22 hours of weekly media usage. With Man of the Hour readers spending at majority of their leisure time online, short films and web series have risen as other sources of entertainment. To address this, Man of the Hour brings its audience coverage on shorts like “Man Enough,” examining small-scale series and films with a fresh and critical lens.

Within the millennial demographic, information is shared and acquired via multimedia devices. Man of the Hour understands how to traffic the most interesting and relevant content on television, film and short films/web series to its audience for optimal viewership.

To learn more about Man of the Hour, check out its Media Kit and don't hesitate to contact us about having your short film or web series highlighted on our site. It's an opportunity for deserved recognition among an audience of millennial men that's always hungry for more digital content.