Sommet Dame Interacts with Multiple forms of Media

As a digital media platform that caters to a target demographic of educated, millennial-aged women (25-35), Sommet Dame interacts with multiple types of media mainly pertaining to television, film, and music. With a rich bank of content across these topics, Sommet Dame readers can engage with a wide range of entertainment.

Nielsen Media statistic reports state that the average millennial-aged viewer spends most of their leisure time streaming content from multimedia devices. 53% of Sommet Dame readers prefer accessing their scripted media from a desktop (20%) or laptop (33%) and 18.3% watch shows scripted media via smart televisions.

29% of Sommet Dame readers go to the theater 6 six times per year to watch movies. 21% prefer purchasing their tickets online and 47% watch movies on opening weekend or premiere. In terms of cinematic taste and preference, Sommet Dame readers watch everything from comedy to drama. Sommet Dame produces content-rich columns featuring reviews, critics, and other information related to recent movie releases and film.

Music is a major part of the typical Sommet Dame reader’s life. Radio has a weekly reach of 93% amongst Sommet Dame readers, while 57% stream music from digital apps like Spotify and Apple Music. Podcasts also receive a significant amount of traction from Sommet Dame readers. On a weekly basis, 42% of Sommet Dame readers tune in to podcasts. Sommet Dame subsidizes its readers love for music with content that covers popular weekly podcasts, up-and-coming talent, and new album releases from established, chart-topping artists.

Visit Sommet Dame’s brand page to experience everything the digital media platform has to offer and check out its Media Kit for a summarized portfolio of the online magazine’s content and readership profile.