Mike Reyes, An Editor With A Vision

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A. N. Publishing recently announced the appointment of Mike Reyes as the new editor-in-chief of Modern Treatise. The following is a letter from our new editor focused on how he will maintain the digital media society publications vision and further expand on that vision to deliver readers the most insightful and diverse intellectually stimulating content.

I’ve always had a passion for storytelling. Through stories of any form, the opportunity to provoke thought and enhance perspective is a very meaningful and beneficial one to me. Journalism is the kind of thing that can really impact how society views something, and it’s a dream of mine to be a part of this experience. As editor for Modern Treatise, my primary focus will be to ensure that both writer and reader have quality, intellectual experiences with the content from our publication.
Modern Treatise has set its reputation as the “trusted source for culture, current affairs, entrepreneurship, inspiration and success for millennials.” Today’s media is becoming more and more exhausted with polarized voices that seek to demonize an opposing viewpoint while validating its own, accomplishing nothing. What originally attracted me to Modern Treatise is that this publication fills a void that is missing in millennial journalism today — reporting and commentary on relevant issues that is focused on conversation and intellect while accurately representing all sides of an argument.
I will build upon the brand Modern Treatise has already set for itself by continuing to tell unique stories that are relevant to our audience and present them in a way that’s fresh and new. I will ensure that writer for our publication continue to hone their own voice while overseeing development of stories in an effective way that will have an impact on readers beyond the time spent reading an article. It’s easy to get someone to click on an article, but to leave someone thinking once they’ve finished reading takes a lot of work, thought, and attention in every aspect of the storytelling process. I’m committed to making sure person interacting with our content is left thoughtfully provoked in some way.
I mentioned before that storytelling has opportunity to really enhance perspective not only for an individual, but for society as well, and with that comes a lot of responsibility. I will ensure Modern Treatise remains a trusted source for young millennial professionals by keeping the highest standards and ethics in our reporting. And that the stories, ideas, and commentaries we contribute will provide a unique and sophisticated voice that sets us apart in the exhausting, click-bait world of digital media.
Best Regards,
Mike Reyes