A.N. Publishing Premieres New Website Design

Site Redesign.jpg

A. N. Publishing prides itself on managing a variety of online digital platforms that regularly generates quality content to a wide audience of upwardly mobile millennials. In an effort to maintain its reach and impact within the realms of media and publicity, A.N. Publishing has redesigned its website.

With a fresh video and a revised descriptor displayed on its About Us page, A. N. Publishing provides a holistic profile that reflects its objective as a digital media platform “with a mission to inspire and enable” its audience “seeking luxury and status.”

On A. N. Publishing’s revamped Brand page, you will find all the digital media platforms under its management, including a new collaboration with body-positive style platform Cofitted, the up-coming annual MH Style magazine and the brand that started it all Man of the Hour Together, A. N. Publishing and Cofitted plan to build an “an online community to exchange quality style tips for all shapes, sizes, and colors.”

A. N. Publishing’s newly launched Values page delineates the platform’s goals that are paramount to its existence. With a “quality over quantity” mentality, A. N. Publishing strives to reach its audience through intellectually stimulating and varied content.

Exhibited on a fresh layout and color scheme is A. N. Publishing’s modified News page. Home to an array of content related to A. N. Publishing’s ever-evolving online landscape and infrastructure, the News page relays the latest developments at A.N. Publishing. From its new Modern Treatise editor Mike Reyes to recent topics covered on Sommet Dame, A. N. Publishing’s News keeps its collaborators informed.