Sommet Dame Covers Health


As a digital media platform catering to the interests of upwardly mobile millennial women, Sommet Dame seeks to address an important topic that is central to its readers’ lifestyles: health.

With a 360-degree perspective on health and wellness, Sommet Dame hopes to target every aspect of what makes up a healthy lifestyle, including the mind, the body, and the spirit. Essentially, Sommet Dame’s understands that its target demographic prioritizes health in order to maintain an enriching and active lifestyle and thus produces content that fulfills this aspect of its readers’ lives.

In addressing physical health, Sommet Dame recognizes the beauty of a diverse set of physiques. With this in mind, Sommet Dame generates content that assists its readers in living their best life. Research shows that 81% of Sommet Dame readers own a gym membership. From body positive-focused content and popular workout regimens to health tips that combine fun and fitness, Sommet Dame looks to provide its readers with content that helps them achieve their personal fitness goals and live to the fullest extent.

Sommet Dame readers value clean-eating and sustainable living. 52% of this demographic eat vegetables and buy organic produce while 40% stick to plant-based diets. In response, Sommet Dame cultivates content focused on clean-eating or vegetarian-based recipes, smart-snacking tips, and dietary suggestions that prioritize life-longevity and increased energy that help its readers live to the fullest extent.

In addition, Sommet Dame readers aim to balance their busy lives with self-care. As a result, Sommet Dame offers content that stimulates healthy mindset in its readers. From bolstering self-confidence to overcoming life transitions and stress-management, Sommet Dame generates content that caters to its demographic’s daily mental-health.

For more on Sommet Dame’s holistic coverage on healthy living, check out its Media Kit or brand page directly on A.N. Publishing’s website.