An Editor With A Vision


A. N. Publishing proudly announces the appointment of Benjamin Castillo as the new editor-in-chief of Man of the Hour. The following is a letter from our new editor focused on how he will maintain the digital media men's lifestyle publications vision and further expand on that vision to deliver readers the most insightful and diverse intellectually stimulating content.

Welcome, my name is Benjamin Castillo and I am the Editor in Chief at Man of The Hour.
Man of the Hour has always been about staying ahead of the curve. Writing for a forward-thinking gentleman, forging his own path in life. A man who makes his own way to reach his goals. And when he succeeds he sets more. 
My goal here at Man of the Hour it to help curate the best possible work, providing our readers with consistent, tightly produced pieces about the things you are interested in, and the things you need to know. From culture to lifestyle, art, and entertainment, to the latest in gentlemanly attire, Man of the Hour provides a real and multi-perspective look at the things that affect the culture men live in, today.
I am excited to be curating content for the next generation of successful men who are read, intelligent, thoughtful and above all else open to change, for we are only as good as the high standards we hold to ourselves.
Best Regards, 
Benjamin Castillo