Intellectualism is the key ingredient to the content we create. Thus, digging beneath the surface of a story, we provide our readers with the background and perspective on "the story behind a story" or "the person behind a story”. 

audience focused

Given the uniquely different experiences and access to the contemporary cultural and social mores upwardly mobile millennials have in comparison to previous generations, we deliver content that is as generationally focused as it is reflective the world around us. 

quality over quantity

We value our reader's commitment to thought-provoking content. To that end, we present timeless high brow stories that are reflective of the moment as opposed to the minute by minute beat of a story. 


Understanding that our readers may have diverging viewpoints on various subject matters. We pride ourselves on presenting a diversity of thought. We value diverse perspectives, ideas and concepts from some of the most intellectual voices of our age.